Material Deadline

  • 3 business days prior to campaign start
  • Please submit all creative assets to Ad Ops.

Available Products

Ad UnitLocationDimensions (pixels)File size (max)3rd-party Rich Media initial file size(max)3rd-party Rich Media polite file size(max)3rd-party served(not rich media)
LeaderboardEvery page on the site728x9039k39k61kYes
Medium RectangleEvery page on the site300x25039k39k61kYes
Vertical RectangleEvery page on the site240x40039k39k61kYes
Sky scraperEvery page on the site160x60039k39k61kYes
SponsorshipEvery page on the site120x2020kn\an\aYes
ButtonAutos main page only120x6020kn\an\aYes
Half pageEvery page on the site300x60039k39k61kYes

Creative Guidelines

  • All ads must contain advertiser's branding.
  • We accept GIF, JPEG, flash (swf), rich media and third-party served ads.
  • Animation looping is accepted (3x maximum).
  • Animation can last no more then 30 seconds.
  • Flash frame rate 18 or lower.
  • Flash version 8 or lower.
  • All 3rd party rich media must come from an approved vendor. Approvals take 3 business days.
  • Ads with a white background must have a minimum 1-pixel border to differentiate ad from editorial content.
  • Ads that contain sounds must be user initiated as defined by a click or a mouse over / rollover. In either case, play and stop buttons must be clearly defined and easy for a user to select.
  • Expanding ads must be user-initiated. User-initiated standard ad units that expand beyond standard ad dimensions on mouse-over must include language that indicates rollover functionality. Ads must have a close button clearly placed in the expanded portion of the ad that allows the user to minimize the ad to its original size and must automatically close when a user moves curser off the ad. (Expanding Leaderboards 728x90 must be able to expand to the top and bottom depending on their location on the page).


  • We do not provide pop up or pop under inventory.
  • No floating ads accepted at this time.
  • U.S. News Ventures ( reserves that right to not accept a creative for any reason.