11 Reasons People Don't Buy Electric Cars (and Why They're Wrong)

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Perhaps It’s Time to Consider an Electric Car

Even though electric cars are receiving more positive attention and becoming more common, adoption is slow. This is typical of any new technology. It’s due in part to the fact that people don’t trust electric vehicle (EV) technology and have many doubts. In fact, there are still many people who simply don’t think EVs can ever replace gas cars. While many automakers are making strides in electrification, it seems most aren’t ready to transition just yet. 

There are some obvious reasons the public isn’t buying into EVs, such as upfront costs, lack of availability, and range anxiety. However, many myths have clouded the segment for some time now. Some of these myths may be somewhat valid in certain circumstances or may have been true in the past, but times are changing and technology has improved drastically since EVs first entered the market.

Currently, EVs comprise less than 2% of the automotive market in the U.S. This means it will be many years before adoption is widespread. However, with a multitude of automakers bringing electrified vehicles to market in the near future, growth is accelerating more rapidly. Over time, with more electric vehicles available, increased charging infrastructure deployment, and reduced production and battery costs, the EV segment should begin to prosper.

Keep reading to learn why many of the arguments against EVs aren’t necessarily valid, and to see whether an electric car would be a good choice for you – either now, or in the future.

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