What Would Santa Drive?

Santa driving a car with his sack of toys in the front seat
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Santa Should Put These Vehicles On His Wishlist 

Times are changing, and a sleigh pulled by reindeer just seems antiquated. When Santa wants to get the job done Christmas Eve, he has far more advanced options for making millions of deliveries in one night. A C-17 military cargo plane could get it done, but what about an SUV?

A certain German luxury brand would have you believe Santa helms a red sports car on his jolly ride, but it doesn’t take an elf to see how wildly unpractical that is from a cargo and capability standpoint.

The Big Guy needs something with a ton of cargo space, and the all-weather traction chops to make every delivery – regardless of the road conditions. Read on to see if these vehicles have what it takes to be St. Nick’s ride when it counts!

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