9 Things to Look for in a CPO Program

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What Makes a Certified Pre-Owned Car Worth Buying?

Can’t decide whether to buy a new car or a used car? A new automobile comes with the assurance that you’ll be covered if there are any issues with the vehicle. A used automobile can save you thousands of dollars compared to its price when new. However, there’s a third option: the certified pre-owned car.

Certified pre-owned (CPO) cars are typically low-mileage, well-maintained vehicles that have only had one owner, never been in a major collision, have undergone an inspection, and are reconditioned to a CPO program’s standards. By letting the first owner (or lease customer, more likely) pay for the initial depreciation, you might be able to afford a Mercedes, Jaguar, or Lexus for the price of a Nissan, Honda, or Hyundai. A certified used car will have a price that is somewhat more than a non-certified model, but less than a new one.

Before you jump to buy a CPO car, you’ll want to do some research. Not every CPO program is created equal, and some provide benefits that potentially add thousands of dollars in value to the products that they offer. While the warranty coverage is the greatest benefit of buying a certified pre-owned vehicle, many programs also include roadside assistance, a trial period with SiriusXM satellite radio, and coverage for periodic maintenance.

Explore the following slides, where you’ll learn about nine factors you should consider when choosing a certified used car program.

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