What You Can Learn From a Car's Monroney Sticker

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The Car’s Base Price

On every price sticker, you’ll find the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP). It’s just that – a suggestion to the dealer about what price to sell the car for. Dealers are free to discount or add to this number, and it is negotiable for buyers. Rarely will you pay exactly MSRP.

The base MSRP doesn’t include the price for factory or dealer-installed options, shipping, documentation, or any of another multitude of dealer-added costs. It does include all of the features that are standard on the vehicle.

Though discrepancies don’t often happen, you’ll want to verify the vehicle identification number on the price sticker with the one at the corner of the windshield and on any purchase paperwork to ensure that the car that you are looking at is the one that you’ll be buying.

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