46 Ways You're Overpaying For Your Car

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Buying the Wrong Car

Sometimes the car you want and the car you need don’t quite match up. If you go with your heart and not with your head, you might end up with a ride that looks great but can't handle your daily chores or costs too much to operate.

Before you buy, consider not just today’s needs, but your future car needs. While that subcompact Honda HR-V might just the right fit today, it may be too small as your family grows, so a Honda CR-V could be a better long-term choice.

By being honest with yourself about your real needs and budget, you can avoid buying too much or too little car. Do you really need a full-size pickup, or would a compact truck like a Chevrolet Colorado do everything you need it to do?

If you have to replace a car just a couple of years after you bought it, you’ll have to spend a lot more money than if you had just purchased the right car in the first place.

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