Refreshed 2018 Volkswagen GTI: What You Need to Know

2018 Volkswagen GTI
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VW’s Iconic Hatch Is Updated for 2018

It’s been roughly 40 years since Volkswagen improved its wholly original Golf with upgraded horsepower, suspension components, and interior appointments. The end result – the Golf GTI – was perhaps not the first “tuned” offshoot of a volume-oriented hatch, but it quickly became the most visible. That recipe, where fun and functionality are combined into one extremely competent 4-door hatch, is now in its 7th generation.

For 2018, the refreshed “Mk7.5” GTI enjoys a number of genuine improvements while not deviating from the GTI’s original appeal. It balances real-world performance (and the occasional track day) with genuine accessibility. And with a realignment of trims (there are now three, as opposed to the four available in 2017), the new GTI is easier to spec, while remaining easy to afford.

More horsepower and better braking are just a few of the changes, making the end-of-the-model-year debate even more vexing (should you buy the 2017 or wait for the 2018?). Take a look at the following slides and see what you think.