2010 Volvo C30 Interior

#4 in 2010 Upscale Small Cars Interior Score: 7.9 / 10
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2010 Volvo C30 Interior Overview

Note: This interior review was created when the 2010 Volvo C30 was new.

Most reviewers agree that the Volvo C30's interior is high on quality and comfort, at least for the front passengers. But several question whether the cabin's design is exciting enough for a sporty, upscale hatchback.

  • "Inside, the C30 coddles with an S40-esque cockpit adorned with Volvo's now ubiquitous T-Tec upholstery and floating center console, familiar effects that mesh nicely with the leather-wrapped sport steering wheel and shift knob." -- Motor Trend
  • "I had a chance to admire a slickly functional interior with details like this that reminded me of why Swedish furniture design ranks among the very best." -- About.com
  • "With its two individual rear chairs pushed toward the center of the car, the C30 is strictly a four-seater. While it's positively commodious compared to an Audi TT, this is not a family car." -- Edmunds

Front Seats

Reviewers find that it's tough to return your front seat back to its original position after tilting it forward to let passengers get to the backseat. Still, the C30's cushioning and support in the driver and front passenger's seats are very good.

  • "Seats are firm yet comfortable and nicely bolstered for spirited cornering." -- Consumer Guide
  • "Finding an optimal driving position is easy for any body type, thanks to the C30's super-comfortable seats and telescoping steering wheel, though the lack of seat bolstering will become apparent when the C30 is driven hard on a curvy road." -- Edmunds
  • "For a brand as thoughtful about the practicalities of life as Volvo, there are two curious omissions in the interior: a driver's seat that could and should be a couple of inches lower and, second, why don't the front seats return to their pre-set position when they've been tilted forward to allow access to the rear?" -- Road and Track

Rear Seats

Two tall adults won't thank you for sitting them in the Volvo C30's rear, but the space provided is similar to the dimensions of other upscale small cars.

  • "Rather than attempt to shoehorn a fifth passenger into the C30, Volvo instead chose two rear bucket seats. Rear seating is comfortable with plenty of adult-sized headroom, even though legroom may be a bit cramped for taller folks." -- Edmunds
  • "Entry and exit require contortions." -- Consumer Guide

Interior Features

Auto critics like the 2010 C30's interior features and design. According to reviews, the quality is top-notch, and the instrument panel is contemporary with a simple layout.

  • "The instrument panel is a model of simplicity, with just two large dials facing you while you work; all else is handled by warning lights. Climate and sound system controls reside in an attractive vertical stack." -- About.com
  • "Big knobs and buttons allow convenient condition of ride, audio, and climate functions from a floating control panel that is wafer-thin." -- Boston Globe
  • "Cabin feels upscale, with well-assembled, high-quality materials and fine control movement." -- Consumer Guide


The C30 comes with 12.9 cubic feet of cargo space behind the rear seat. That total that does little to move auto writers, and  neither does the stowage space provided in the cabin.

  • Cargo room...isn't as laudable." -- Motor Trend
  • "My first act was to remove two bottles of water that Volvo kindly placed in the cupholders. Located directly behind the gear lever, they made it impossible to shift. 'Talls' aren't going to work in this car, friends." -- About.com
Review Last Updated: 12/31/15

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