2016 Cars That Cost $100 Grand

Cars That Cost $100 Grand
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The $100,000 Club

They say a dollar doesn’t go as far as it used to. But 100,000 of them, well, they still go a long way. The $100,000 club spans the auto industry, from sports cars to SUVs. If you have $100K to spend on a car, your cash will buy you exceptional speed, luxury, or a bit of both.

Check out our selection of vehicles priced around the magic $100,000 mark. Some have a base price of $100,000, others can be optioned up and customized to get there. The $100,000 club is where you find cars that can rocket from zero to 60 mph in less than three seconds. It’s where you find opulent interiors with seats that not only heat and cool, but also massage and recline while the cabin is filled with aromatherapy scents.

The groundbreaking all-electric Tesla Model S sedan lives in the $100K club, with its stunning performance and 200-plus mile range. There’s also a diesel Range Rover, with a sophisticated four-wheel drive system that can act like off-road cruise control, making even novice drivers look like pros. There’s even a supercar from a brand known more for its everyday commuter cars. And, if you have $100 grand sitting in a bank account, any one of the cars in the $100K club can be yours.

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