V8 vs. V6: Worth the Upgrade?

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Is an Upgraded Engine Worth the Money?

The old adage, “There’s no replacement for displacement,” is starting to lose its grounding. With direct injection, variable valve timing, and forced induction such as turbocharging and supercharging, automakers can make more horsepower with less displacement than ever before. So, is a V8’s performance even worth it anymore?

V8s have a higher ceiling for power and they are comparatively simple from a design perspective, but are naturally heavy. A V6-powered car will be less nose-heavy shooting into a turn when compared to V8. If you care about cornering ability, a just-as-powerful V6 is a lovely proposition.

But is it worth it for you? There are some affordable V8s and some potent V6s that rival their counterparts. Read on to learn about the benefits of each engine layout.

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