New vs. Used: Don't Buy These 12 Cars New

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12 Cars That Are Better Deals At One Year Old

The most expensive mile that you will ever drive is the first one you travel as you leave the dealership with a new car. Cars and trucks depreciate a tremendous amount in their first year, but some hit your wallet a lot harder than others.

There are some cars that you simply should not buy new, as they take so much depreciation in year one that they are a much better deal to find gently used when they are just one year old. According to a study by used car for sale listing service, the following 12 cars have the largest percentage drops in used car values during their first year in service.

It’s not that these are bad cars – many have excellent safety ratings and the latest technology on board. With one-year-old used car prices that can save you more than $10,000 over their original prices, they can be excellent values.

Before you set your heart on any of these models, be sure to check out our used car ranking page to see how your choice stacks up against its peers, and find the best used car financing deals this month on our used car deals site.

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