Used Car Mileage Guide: What to Expect as a Car Ages

2017 Nissan Juke
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Milestone 1: 0-15,000 miles

On average, as soon as you drive a new car off the dealer lot, it loses as much as 10 percent of its value. You can expect it to lose another 10 percent over the course of the first year of ownership.

This number fluctuates depending on the vehicle’s brand, quality, appeal, and the number of features it has. Less popular brands, cars with known issues, and those with few features will depreciate quicker.

On the other side of the coin, many expensive luxury vehicles also depreciate faster. This is because they are priced high to begin with and can require more expensive maintenance and repairs. Cutting-edge technology and loads of special features adds to the list of things that can break.

During the first 15,000 miles, plan on getting a few oil changes and tire rotations (every 3,000-7,500 miles depending on the vehicle and your driving habits), as well as replacing your wiper blades. At each service visit, make sure the car’s fluids are full and a multipoint inspection is completed. A basic visit like this should cost around $100.

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