Used Car Mileage Guide: What to Expect as a Car Ages

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What Happens to a Car at Each Mileage Milestone?

Buying used can save you money, and you won’t suffer the huge depreciation that begins as soon as you drive a new car off the dealer lot. However, as a car ages, it continues to lose value. Moreover, as you rack up miles, the losses begin to become exponential.

If the money you save buying used is spent on excess maintenance and repairs, you’re not doing yourself any favors. Depending on the number of miles on the used car, and whether or not it’s been properly maintained, you could be acquiring someone else’s disaster.

As you search for your next used vehicle, whether it’s low mileage or not, ask the seller questions and request service records. It’s important to know what problems to look for based on the car’s mileage, as well as which services should have been completed at each milestone.

All of this is equally important for those selling or trading in a used car. Your car’s resale value will drop considerably as it surpasses each milestone, so keeping your eye on your mileage, properly maintaining your vehicle, saving service records, and appropriately timing the transaction, can keep more money in your pocket.

So, what should you expect at each mileage milestone? Continue reading to learn about used car mileage milestones and what to expect as a car grows old.

Keep in mind that the dollar amounts for car service in this article are estimates and may vary based on the rate your mechanic charges for labor.

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