15 Best Uber Select Cars in 2019

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These Uber Select Vehicles Are Roomy and Luxurious

Uber offers several different services as part of its ride-hailing business. If you don’t really care what type of car you ride in, you can just request Uber’s standard service, Uber X. However, some riders prefer a certain level of luxury, as well as the peace of mind to know that their driver is experienced and highly rated.

For those who want an upgraded vehicle and a highly rated driver at a price lower than the professionally driver Uber Black, the company’s entry-level luxury service – Uber Select –  is a solid option. Uber Select drivers must graduate up to the luxury service after a certain number of drives and a top-notch driver rating.

Uber Select vehicles must be 2009 models or newer with four doors, seating for four passengers (plus the driver), and leather or synthetic leather interior. These cars must also be in excellent condition inside and out. It’s important to note that approved Uber Select vehicles vary by location. However, the cars we’re recommending should qualify in most markets. Additionally, Uber offers a similar service called Uber Lux in some cities, and many of these models will qualify for that rideshare service as well.

Let’s take a look at the best Uber Select vehicles for 2019 based on U.S. News rankings and reviews. If you’re a current Uber driver or have plans to apply for a job with the company, the following cars would be fantastic choices when it comes time to move up to Uber Select. Keep in mind that we are featuring new cars here, but you could opt for a similar used model as long as it meets the requirements.

Remember that U.S. News scores and rankings change on a regular basis. For this reason, the scores in this article may not match up with those shown in our new car reviews.

We’ve also compiled the Best Cars for Uber X or Lyft here. While they won’t qualify for the higher fares of Uber Select, most of these models are significantly cheaper than the ones you’ll find in this slideshow.

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