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2020 Toyota Supra Review

The Toyota Supra is back after a 20-plus year hiatus, and this all-new model ranks near the top of the luxury sports car class. The 2020 Supra has agile handling, powerful engine performance, a handsome interior, user-friendly controls, and a good predicted reliability rating.

Pros & Cons

  • Powerful engine and polished transmission
  • Excellent handling for street or track driving
  • Good fuel economy
  • Limited visibility
  • Entry and exit can be difficult

Rankings & Research

The 2020 Toyota Supra's #7 ranking is based on its score within the Luxury Sports Cars category. Currently the Toyota Supra has a score of 8.6 out of 10, which is based on our evaluation of 10 pieces of research and data elements using various sources.




Critics' Rating: 8.9
Performance: 9.2
Interior: 7.7
This model has never been fully tested for safety. Its overall score is being calculated without safety.
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Is the Toyota Supra a Good Car?

Yes, the redesigned 2020 Toyota Supra is a great pick in the luxury sports car class. The Supra is a blast to drive, thanks to its powerful turbocharged six-cylinder engine, quick steering, and well-tuned suspension. This is a coupe that’s just as capable on a winding road as it is on a racetrack. It’s also quite practical for a sports car. The Supra has a comfortable two-seat interior, easy-to-use tech features, and a roomy hatchback cargo area. It returns great fuel economy as well.

It takes heavy nitpicking to name shortcomings. Some critics note that the Supra has limited visibility out of the side and rear windows, and that it can be challenging to get in and out of this low-slung coupe. But these are pretty common sports car critiques.

Should I Buy the Toyota Supra?

You should definitely consider the new Supra, especially given its $50,000 price point. That’s lower than average for this pricy class, yet you still get stellar performance, lots of standard features, and a refined cabin. Other good options in this price range include the Porsche Cayman and Chevrolet Corvette.

For the ability to drive with the top down, consider the BMW Z4. Toyota partnered with BMW to develop the GR Supra (the car's official title), and the two cars have a lot in common. Aside from styling, the major difference is that the Supra is available exclusively as a fixed-roof coupe, while the Z4 is offered as a soft top convertible.

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Should I Buy a New or Used Toyota Supra?

Though the Supra badge isn't new, it's been quite a while since it adorned a new car. Production of the fourth-generation Toyota Supra Turbo ended with the 1998 model. The 2020 Toyota GR Supra is the first fifth-generation model. If you want to buy a used edition of this vehicle, you'll have to search for a classic Supra Turbo.

We Did the Research for You: 10 Reviews Analyzed

Our Toyota Supra review includes far more than just one person's opinion. We collected professional evaluations from more than 10 sources and combined them with concrete data like fuel economy estimates, safety scores, and performance specs to help you make an informed buying decision.

Why You Can Trust Us

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How Much Does the Toyota Supra Cost?

With a starting MSRP just under $50,000, prices for a new Supra are on the low end for a luxury sports car. There are three trims available for 2020, and prices range from $49,990 to $55,250. We cover the standard features of each trim level in our Which Toyota Supra Model Is Right for Me? section below.

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Toyota Supra Versus the Competition

Which Is Better: Toyota Supra or BMW Z4?

The BMW Z4 may have been co-developed with the Toyota GR Supra, but these aren't identical twins. The most obvious difference is that – for now at least – the BMW comes only as a convertible, while the Toyota is a coupe. The Z4 has a similar starting price to the Supra, though its base model comes with a turbocharged four-cylinder engine. To get a Z4 with a six-cylinder engine, plan to spend an additional $14,000. Even at the Z4 M40i's higher price, it costs extra to add amenities that come standard in the base Supra (such as forward collision warning and automatic emergency braking) and the top-of-the-line Supra (such as leather seats). Out of these two, the GR Supra is a better value without any concessions.

Which Is Better: Toyota Supra or Porsche Cayman?

The Porsche Cayman places near the top of our luxury sports car rankings mostly because of its performance. It receives accolades for its lineup of meaty engines, athletic handling, and well-tuned suspension system. While the Cayman is certainly a top choice for driving enthusiasts, this midengine sports car has a much shorter list of standard features and fewer safety options than the Supra, yet its base price is almost $7,000 more. Unless you are after the prestige and consummate performance of a Porsche, the Toyota is a better choice.    

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Supra Interior

How Many People Does the Supra Seat?

The 2020 Toyota GR Supra is a two-door, two-seat coupe. It can be difficult for some adults to slide into this low-slung sports car. Once inside, there's a pleasant amount of room, even if you surpass the six-foot mark or are wearing a helmet. The seat adjustments aren't perfect, however, and visibility is limited to the rear and side. We recommend adding the available Driver Assist package for easier lane changes and parking lot navigation.

Supra and Child Car Seats

We don't recommend installing a child car seat in the front seat of any car. Only a few sports cars have a back seat and LATCH anchors, such as the Toyota 86, Porsche 911, and Nissan GT-R.

Supra Interior Quality

If you have to double check the badge when you slide into this coupe, it's not because you're imagining things. The inside of the Supra feels much like a BMW cockpit because it borrows heavily from the German automaker. This isn't a downside, though, and all the hardware and materials feel high quality.

Supra Cargo Space

The Supra is technically a liftback with a front-engine design, so there is still usable cargo space in the back. With 10.2 cubic feet of space, you can fit several soft-sided pieces of luggage inside. Incidentally, that's a bit more room than the BMW Z4 offers.

Supra Infotainment, Bluetooth, and Navigation

The kinship between BMW and Toyota continues with the technology. Inside the new Supra is BMW's iDrive infotainment system, which has a high-tech appearance and a relatively straightforward interface. The optional upgraded system is worth paying extra for: it comes with a wide touch screen, a premium JBL sound system, and wireless Apple CarPlay (a first for Toyota).

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Supra Performance

Supra Engine: Potent and Throaty

The GR Supra has only one powertrain option. Its BMW-built 3.0-liter inline six-cylinder engine has a twin-scroll turbocharger and is mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission. Rated at 335 horsepower and 365 pound-feet of torque, this engine responds quickly when you press the throttle, and its refined transmission expertly progresses through the gears. It's also accompanied by a boisterous exhaust system that snarls and pops in a gratifying way.

Supra Gas Mileage: Very Good

The 2020 Toyota GR Supra gets 24 mpg in the city and 31 mpg on the highway. This above-average fuel economy rating is especially impressive because of the Supra's six-cylinder engine, whereas many of its closest rivals come standard with a four-cylinder engine.

Supra Ride and Handling: Athletic, Responsive, and Stable

Smiles are never in short supply when riding in the rear-wheel-drive GR Supra. This sports car has an even weight balance for composed handling, as well as responsive steering and strong brakes. Switching between Normal and Sport modes noticeably changes the handling tightness, ride quality, and exhaust sound. The result is that the Supra has a split personality as both a comfortable touring car and an aggressive racetrack-ready coupe.

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Supra Reliability

Is the Toyota Supra Reliable?

The 2020 Toyota GR Supra has an above-average predicted reliability rating of four out of five from J.D. Power.

Toyota Supra Warranty

The 2020 Supra comes with a three-year/36,000-mile basic warranty and a five-year/60,000-mile powertrain warranty.

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How Much Does It Cost to Insure a Toyota Supra?

The cost of insuring a Toyota Supra will depend on a variety of factors, including your deductible, the level of coverage that you want, and the type of insurance that you choose. Your age, gender, location, credit score, and driving record can also have an impact on your insurance rates. Check out our car insurance guide to find the best policy for you.

Supra Safety

Supra Crash Test Results

Neither the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety nor the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has conducted crash test evaluations of the new Supra. This is typical for high-end sports cars.

Supra Safety Features

Every Supra comes with forward collision warning, automatic emergency braking, pedestrian detection, lane departure warning with steering assist, automatic high beams, rain-sensing windshield wipers, and a rearview camera. Available safety features include a head-up display, full-speed adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitoring, rear cross traffic alert, and parking sensors.

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Supra Dimensions and Weight

The 2020 GR Supra is 14 feet, 4.5 inches long. It has a curb weight of 3,397 pounds.

Where is the 2020 Toyota Supra Built?

The Toyota Supra is built in Austria.

Which Toyota Supra Model Is Right for Me?

The GR Supra comes in two main trims: 3.0 and 3.0 Premium. The Launch Edition is a limited model with a few exclusive styling elements. The main differences between the trim levels are interior upgrades. Every model comes equipped with a 335-horsepower six-cylinder engine, an eight-speed automatic transmission, rear-wheel drive, and 19-inch alloy wheels.

The classiest trim is the top-of-the-line 3.0 Premium. It boasts heated leather seats (not available in the base model) and an enhanced infotainment system. Alternatively, you can save money by picking the base trim and adding the upgraded infotainment system for $2,460.

Toyota offers only one other package for the Supra. The Driver Assist package adds full-speed adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitoring, rear cross traffic alert, and parking sensors. It's available in every trim for $1,195.

Toyota Supra 3.0

The GR Supra 3.0 has sport seats with 14-way power adjustments and Alcantara trimmings, proximity keyless access, push-button start, and dual-zone automatic climate control. The infotainment system comes with a 6.5-inch display, 10 speakers, a USB port, satellite radio, and Bluetooth. Standard safety features include forward collision warning, automatic emergency braking, pedestrian detection, lane departure warning with steering assist, automatic high beams, rain-sensing windshield wipers, and a rearview camera. Retail prices start at $49,990.

Toyota Supra 3.0 Premium

The 3.0 Premium trim level gets heated seats, leather upholstery, and a head-up display. Its upgraded infotainment system features an 8.8-inch touch screen, a 12-speaker premium JBL audio system, navigation, wireless Apple CarPlay, and wireless device charging. Pricing starts at $53,990.

Toyota Supra Launch Edition

The first GR Supras to roll off the assembly line will be the Launch Edition ($55,250). This limited-production version builds off the 3.0 Premium trim, adding unique elements such as a graphic with the signature of Akio Toyoda, the president of Toyota Motor Corporation.

Check out our U.S. News Best Price Program for great savings at your local Toyota dealer. You can also find excellent manufacturer incentives on our Toyota deals page.

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The Final Call

The 2020 Toyota GR Supra is more robust and thrilling than its smaller sibling, the Toyota 86. Its starting price also falls far below that of a similarly equipped Porsche Boxster or even the BMW Z4. This lower price comes as a blessing from Toyota's partnership with BMW, and results in no downgrades to engine power or handling. Though the Supra isn't as meaty as some of the higher-ranking luxury sports cars, it is still potent and very satisfying to drive.

Don’t just take our word for it. Check out comments from some of the reviews that drive our rankings and analysis.

  • "Sure, you can get more power for less money, but you'd be hard-pressed to match the handling balance, compliance and overall fun. The Supra is a very appealing and far less expensive alternative to traditional German sports cars." -- Edmunds
  • "While it isn't cheap, for everything you get here, the Supra feels worthy of its price. It's already a better value than the base or V6 F-Type, and, considering that a base Boxster or Cayman are pretty much impossible to find out in the wild in the $50,000 range, it's a strong competitor out of the gate.-- Jalopnik
  • "So is this miracle of automotive husbandry worthy of the Supra name? Heck, yeah. It reinvents the concept in a guise that make sense for today's world, and it's offered at a price … that's a relative bargain when measured against both its predecessor and its Porsche competitor." -- Motor Trend
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