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2010 Toyota Sequoia Performance Review

Note: This performance review was created when the 2010 Toyota Sequoia was new.


Performance: 8.5

Most reviewers are pleased with the 2010 Toyota Sequoia's performance. While few have tested the base engine, the optional 5.7-liter V8 receives good reviews, and several reviewers say they're impressed by how easy the Sequoia is to drive, provided you remember it's a large SUV and drives that way.

  • "Large and lumbering, the Sequoia is a big hauler even by Paul Bunyan's standards. It moves its great mass with reasonable aplomb and tows with the best of them." -- Car and Driver
  • "If the Sequoia can't compare with the Land Cruiser off the beaten path, it handles on-road duties with refinement. Over all, it is a reliable, high-quality S.U.V. that does what it was designed to do admirably well." -- New York Times

Acceleration and Power

The Toyota Sequoia comes with a 4.6-liter V8 engine on the base SR5 trim, or a 5.7-liter V8 engine on the Limited and Platinum trims. A 5.7-liter E85 engine is also available in some states. A six-speed automatic transmission is standard. Few reviewers have tested the 4.7-liter, but those who took the larger engine out report that it performs well.

Fuel economy, however, is a disappointment to some reviewers. Two-wheel-drive Sequoias with the 4.6-liter engine get an EPA-estimated 14/19 mpg city/highway. With the 5.7-liter engine, two-wheel-drive Sequoias get 14/17 mpg city/highway. Four-wheel-drive Sequoias with the 4.7-liter achieve 13/16 mpg city/highway, while the 5.7-liter gets 13/18 mpg city/highway with four-wheel drive.

  • "There's plenty of power from any speed with the 5.7-liter V8, but the transmission's reluctance to downshift can complicate passing and merging maneuvers." -- Consumer Guide
  • "Once under way, the 5.7L i-Force doesn't break a sweat." -- Four Wheeler
  • "A valved main and additional secondary muffler keep the 5.7-liter quiet until you summon serious thrust, the six-speed auto is near faultless," -- Truck Trend
  • "The programming of the six-speed automatic is highly polished, so acceleration is as seamless at wide-open throttle as it is while idling around town. Moreover, this six-speed is mercifully free of the reluctance to kick down a gear with a jab of the throttle (an effort to enhance fuel economy) that we've observed in so many vehicles of late." -- Edmunds
  • "Regrettably, the Sequoia still consumes fossil fuel with avaricious abandon. The Environmental Protection Agency rates the top-end Platinum four-wheel-drive model (which I tested) at 13 miles a gallon in town and 18 on the highway, although in my first-hand testing I struggled to hit the low end of those estimates." -- New York Times

Handling and Braking

For the most part, reviewers agree that the 2010 Toyota Sequoia drives like the large SUV it is. While the ride is comfortable and supportive, some reviewers say the Sequoia can still be tippy in turns and is certainly no sports car. Still, reviewers are impressed that theSequoia can tow upwards of 9,000 pounds when properly configured. Though the Sequoia is available with four-wheel drive, some reviewers express disappointment that it isn't meant for heavy off-road use.

  • "In any Sequoia, fast turns result in marked body lean. Combined with steering that's too light and indirect, it takes the fun out of twisty roads. Still, straight-line stability is confident, and Sequoia is composed in most every routine maneuver, with the bonus of a usefully tight turning radius and outstanding brake control." -- Consumer Guide
  • "The same intuitive feel carries through to the Sequoia's braking system. The effort of the brake pedal verges on being soft at first, then the resistance builds progressively." -- Edmunds
  • "It's still big and for the most part drives that way." -- Truck Trend
  • "However at no time should the handling be considered "sporty." It goes around corners like the tall vehicle it is." -- Dallas Examiner
  • "Around corners, the suspension does a fine job of managing 3 tons' worth of SUV. The steering is well-weighted and precise, but doesn't quite provide the feedback of GM's Tahoe/Yukon twins." -- Edmunds

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