2019 Toyota Supra: What You Need to Know

Toyota FT-1
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Toyota’s Legendary Sports Coupe Eyes a Comeback

The Toyota Supra is one of the most coveted vehicles in recent history. With a lightweight structure and a peppy turbocharged engine, the Supra is enticing to any collector or enthusiast who loves to go fast.

Originally a high-performance trim of the Toyota Celica, the Celica Supra MK I was introduced in 1979. The Supra didn’t separate from the Celica nameplate until 1986. It was consistently improved upon throughout its model run until its demise in 1999.

Toyota has recently teamed up with BMW to create an all-new Supra, likely based on the FT-1 concept, as well as a successor to the BMW Z4. While more information is on its way, there is still enough out there for you to get a good understanding of what to expect. Read the following slides to see what Toyota is going to be offering very soon.