2020 Toyota C-HR vs. 2020 Honda HR-V: Head to Head

2020 Toyota C-HR (Top) / 2020 Honda HR-V (Bottom)
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Which of These Popular Subcompact SUVs Is Better?

The subcompact SUV segment is growing, and for good reason. Their size makes them perfect for urban areas with narrow streets and tight parking spaces. Yet inside, the best of them still offer ample cargo space and plenty of room for passengers. There’s often infotainment and safety tech on board, plus their small size (and usually small engines) mean they’re fuel efficient as well. 

The Honda HR-V and Toyota C-HR both entered the subcompact SUV ring a few years ago. They benefit from the track record and technology that these brands are known for. In many ways, these two vehicles are similar, but they differ in a few key areas (and no, we don’t just mean the placement of the hyphen in their alphabet-soup-style names).

This slideshow compares the C-HR and HR-V head-to-head in 10 categories, with a winner declared in each. These categories, such as price, reliability, and acceleration, determine the overall winner. 

As new information becomes available, we update our reviews. Because of this, the scores and rankings mentioned here might not match the latest information in the reviews. 

Read on to find out which of these little utes emerges victorious.

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