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The Six Best States for Tesla Owners

Owning a Tesla sounds easy, as long as you can afford it. It’s one of the few electric cars with a range that rivals that of a gas-powered car. Whether it’s really that easy to own, however, may depend on where you live.

Some states won't allow Tesla stores or showrooms, so it can be difficult to order or even sit in one. Other states ban Tesla deliveries altogether, so you have to go out of state to pick it up, and carefully plan your trip back around available charging stations. That could sap the joy out of owning a Tesla. A lot of states don’t have Tesla service centers, so you must have your car shipped out of state any time it has a problem. And of course, some states have more places to charge an electric car, including the free-to-use Tesla Superchargers, while some states have very few.

On the other hand, some states bend over backwards to encourage all the electric-car sales they can, with financial incentives, access to carpool lanes, and tax rebates. Nevada even offers statewide, free parking for electric cars. In states that allow Tesla to sell directly from its factory-owned stores, it couldn’t be easier to buy a Tesla. A few states even offer tax credits for buying an electric car, on top of the federal tax credit.

To find the best states in which to own a Tesla, we looked at all of these factors. We paid extra attention to residential electricity prices for electric cars, since that's where most Teslas will do a majority of their charging. With today’s low gas prices, it can actually be more expensive to recharge on electricity rather than refill your gas tank. And we gave extra weight to states that allow EVs access to its carpool lanes, since this is a reason many drivers cite buying them.

States with big purchase credits also got a lift, but not enough to make or break their rankings. This list is designed to focus on the states that are best to own a Tesla, not just to buy it in the first place. Still, if a state bans Tesla from delivering cars to consumers, we excluded them from this list.

Here are the six states where we found it's easiest to own a Tesla. 

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