The Simple Life: Top 12 2016 Cars for Technophobes

Automotive Simplicity is Simply Tough to Find
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Automotive Simplicity Is Simply Tough to Find

Today’s cars can be intimidating to some drivers, with complex controls vying for attention with everything going on outside the car. No doubt about it, the modern car is a rolling symphony of technologies that work together to enhance safety, performance, connectivity, and the driving experience.

The high-tech features are one reason that car prices continue to rise. Transaction prices are up 3 percent in just the last year, according to Kelley Blue Book. Over the past several years wage growth hasn’t matched the increase in car prices, leading consumers into longer car loans and a higher rate of leasing. Many consumers are chasing a monthly payment that fits with their income, rather than looking at the total cost of the vehicle.

It’s getting tough to find a vehicle with simple controls, an easy-to-use radio, and even manually-operated windows and door locks. Typically those features are only found in the most basic (and inexpensive) models available. The search for simplicity can be a huge challenge for families helping aging parents find a new car, or those merely seeking transportation on a budget.

You simply won’t find a new vehicle that a weekend mechanic can do more than basic maintenance on anymore. Due to strict emissions and efficiency regulations, engines and transmissions have become highly complex and computer controlled machines that take specialized tools and knowledge to maintain.

One option for those seeking simplicity is to find a gently used car that’s at least one generation older than current models. You can see what’s available using our used car tools to find the highest-ranked used cars.

We’ve rounded up a list of new vehicles with the easiest to use controls on the following pages. When you find one that fits your needs, be sure to look for the latest finance and lease deals and stretch your buying dollar with our Best Price Program.

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