11 Best New Cars for Technophobes

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The Simple Life: This Year’s Best New Low-Tech Cars

For some car buyers, simple is better. Finding a new vehicle that’s not loaded with complex technology gets tougher all the time, as automakers add new systems to improve safety, convenience, connectivity, infotainment, and performance. The number of cars you can find without power windows is down to a handful.

Average new car prices have reached new highs, with features like automatic emergency braking, sophisticated infotainment systems, and advanced engine management electronics adding substantially to vehicle prices. Not only are new cars more expensive to buy, but they're also more costly to repair once they are out of warranty.

You just won't find a car that's completely technology-free. Computers are needed to manage the engine to increase fuel efficiency and control emissions. They’re also needed for mandatory safety systems including anti-lock brakes, traction control, and stability control. Backup cameras are required on all new or redesigned models, and they require a screen to display the video. Within the next few years, advanced safety systems, such as automatic emergency braking, will be almost universally adopted. The number of cars you can buy with a manual transmission drops by a few models each year.

Some vehicles are less complicated than others. Most are base models or those late in their life cycle. Some may need to be special-ordered by your dealer, as the most basic vehicles tend not to be as popular as highly equipped models. Of course, another option to find an uncomplicated car is to buy a pre-owned car, truck, or SUV that’s a generation or two old.

Take a look at the following pages to see eleven of the least complicated vehicles you can buy today.

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