12 Things You Should Never Tell a Car Salesperson

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Oversharing Can Cost You When Buying a Car

Buying a car is pretty exciting. But if you want to get the best deal, it’s best to contain your enthusiasm and limit the amount of information you share. The knowledge that gives you the power to make a great deal can also be used to the dealer's advantage.

Any skilled negotiator will tell you that the more they know about their buyer, the more money they can get from them. It’s in your best interest to be friendly, but firm, and only give them the information you want them to have when you want them to have it.

Your primary mission early in the buying process is to set the price of the car without any discussion of financing or a trade-in. Bundling all three together can breed confusion, which is in the salesperson’s best interest, not yours.

To keep things on track, take a look at the following slides to see what you don’t want to tell the car salesperson.

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