The Safest Minivans on the Market

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Which Minivan Performed Best in Its Safety Tests?

Minivans are built for safety, not sportiness. They’re meant to haul families and friends to school or postseason pizza parties in comfort. There aren’t many minivans on the market, but they all meet these basic requirements pretty easily.

That’s not to say that they all aced their safety tests. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) both independently crash test new vehicles and rate them. The NHTSA uses a five-star system, while IIHS uses Good, Acceptable, and Poor as ratings. The IIHS also awards Top Safety Picks for vehicles that meet their safety criteria.

These are the tests you’ve seen in commercials or on YouTube, with the crash-test dummies and cars being hurled at specific speeds into barriers. They test how a car crumples – or doesn’t – to protect passengers when hit from the front, side, or rear, as well as how they do in a rollover situation. It takes some time to test all the vehicles on the market, so these results are for 2018, the most recent year in which all five minivans were evaluated.

Read on to see which minivan is the safest.

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