America’s Most (and Least) Reliable SUVs in 2018

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J.D. Power Ratings Point to the SUVs Least Likely to Cause Problems

We want our SUVs to be reliable. These are, after all, the vehicles we trust for family transport. Businesses have also turned to SUVs for their practicality and flexibility. SUVs have even become a significant part of the fleets used by emergency responders who provide police and fire protection, not to mention emergency medical services. While few SUV buyers actually go off-road, the thought of a breakdown on a trail 20 miles from the last useable cell phone signal can quickly sabotage a weekend of off-roading fun.

With this in mind, U.S. News has used J.D. Power data to search out the most – and the least – reliable SUVs on the market today. The following slides show the latest reliability data, which are constantly being updated. As a result, the following scores may not be identical to scores listed in our reviews. Also, reliability is just one of the factors we consider when ranking vehicles. That means that some of the SUVs that follow with low predicted reliability scores have been highly ranked by us, while some highly reliable SUVs have ended up with lower rankings.

The first SUVs on the following slides have the highest predicted reliability scores of at least four out of five. Following these are the SUVs with the lowest predicted reliability scores of 2.5 out of five.

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