14 Most Affordable Supercars in 2019

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Here’s How to Get Plenty of Power at a Decent Price

Regular readers of the U.S. News & World Report Best Cars section have probably noticed that we focus on common-sense car shopping advice for the average consumer. And the average consumer isn’t out there looking for a supercar. Still, supercars are an interesting segment of the market. They’re basically street-legal race cars, and as such, most of them carry price tags that can make your eyes water. By doing a little research (and bending the definition of the term “supercar” just a little) we turned up a surprising number of models with surprisingly attainable prices.

Sure, even an affordable supercar is out of reach for most buyers, but these fast and powerful cars are fun to read about and more relevant than you might expect. That’s because a supercar often serves as a manufacturer’s flagship or halo model, showcasing the latest powertrains or new tech features, which eventually trickle down to the mainstream models in some form or another.

In other words, even if these affordable supercars aren’t right for you, they’re more important than you might expect. Let’s take a look at the least expensive, but still influential, supercars on the market right now.

Keep reading to see the most affordable supercars in our rankings, ordered from highest to lowest priced.

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