10 Fastest SUVs

2017 Porsche Macan
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Do You Have a Need for Speed?

There was once a time when opting for an SUV meant resigning to the fact you wouldn’t be going too much faster than 65 miles per hour. To do so would invite, shall we say, unpredictable driving characteristics. To say that is no longer the case is quite an understatement.

The latest crop of SUVs and crossovers are faster and have more performance cred than ever. For one, many are based on sedan or wagon platforms, yielding the ability to push the limits of acceleration and cornering.

Paired with smaller, more potent turbocharged four-cylinder and six-cylinder engines, there is a growing number of SUVs that deliver all the everyday versatility you’d expect, but with performance that will come at a surprise. Now, you won’t want to go off-roading