The College Student and Grad Guide to Car Discounts

Chevy Cruze
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New Cars

Many car manufacturers offer special discounts to help current college students or recent college graduates get into a new car. These deals change all the time, usually on a monthly basis, and your best bet is to check the manufacturers’ and local dealerships’ websites to see what is available. Also check out the U.S. News Car Deals page. There you will find all the latest manufacturers’ offers. These offers can include perks such as deferred payments or cash-back bonuses. You might have better luck in late spring or early summer, around the time colleges usually hold their graduation ceremonies, but it can’t hurt to look whenever you shop.

If you’re planning to buy a new car from a dealership, also take some time to see if you can line up a loan on your own. Some banks and credit unions offer student discounts on new car financing. If you qualify for financing through your own bank or credit union, you can still have the dealership’s financing team run the numbers to see what they come up with, allowing you to get whatever loan offer has a lower interest rate.

For an updated list of car deals for college students and grads from specific brands, click here.

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