8 Best Used Hatchbacks

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2009-2012 Honda Fit


The Fit combines a lot of the advantages of several of the other hatchbacks on our list to earn the crown of the best overall used hatchback.

It's not a hybrid, but it is a tiny car with a ton of room inside. That gives it great gas mileage without the price premium of a hybrid. The Fit is rated at 28 mpg in the city and 35 mpg on the highway with an automatic transmission.

Since it's small and light, the Fit is also fun to drive. Quick, eager steering makes the car feel frisky, and the engine feels plenty peppy, though it can also be a little loud on the highway.

Inside, front and rear passengers will find plenty of room, though the materials and equipment are pretty basic. The rear seat folds flat onto the floor, leaving a surprisingly tall cavern for cargo behind. If you have extra-tall things to carry, you can also fold the seat bottom up against the seat back, making enough room between the back doors for an upright bicycle with both wheels attached.

There's no better fit for hatchback buyers who want a fun, practical, and affordable small car. 

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