8 Best Used Hatchbacks

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2011-2014 Nissan Leaf


It's different and it's electric, but don't hold that against the Leaf. With the equivalent of 114 mpg, it's one of the most efficient cars you can buy, and the cheapest to run. It will go 80 miles before you have to recharge it, which is double what an average person needs in a day.

Better yet, because of government financial incentives, used Leafs are extra cheap. You can find a 2011 model with low mileage for about $8,000. Other hatchbacks that cheap are older. If you buy a Leaf, you will also have to budget to have an electric-car charger installed at home, which could cost you another $1,000, depending on your home's existing electrical configuration.

Beyond that, the Leaf has everything you may be looking for in a hatchback: zippy acceleration, eager cornering, and a quieter, more comfortable interior than most. It's even easy to find used models with heated seats and navigation systems. Just charge it up every night when you get home and you'll never have to visit a gas station.

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