8 Best Used Hatchbacks

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Practical and Parkable

Hatchbacks are like the Rodney Dangerfield of cars: Too often they get no respect.

They can be the perfect cars, not just for people starting out, but also for anyone who wants to do a lot with a little. They have as much room inside as many SUVs do, yet they sip gas like an economy car. Since they sit low to the ground, some handle like sports cars. There's a reason car enthusiasts rave about - and often favor buying - what they refer to as “hot hatches.”

The segment even offers options for buyers who want, or need, all-wheel drive. An all-wheel drive hatchback can be just as practical as a small SUV. They just don't have the high driving position or the tall ride height

These practical runabouts started making a comeback when gas prices shot up in 2008 and buyers wanted better gas mileage without giving up the utility they had come to expect from their SUVs. Now, millennial car buyers are less interested in paying for multiple cars and are looking for one machine that can do it all.

Put that together, and there is a pretty good selection of affordable used hatchbacks built since 2008. Whether you're a college student looking for your first set of wheels or a retiree who wants something efficient and practical, you can't go wrong with these eight hatchbacks. 

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