The Best Memorial Day Sports Car Deals

2016 Ford Mustang
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2016 Ford Mustang

Ford offers a great finance deal on the Mustang this Memorial Day. You can score zero percent financing for up to three years or 4.9 percent for seven years, depending on where you live.

If you pay cash or get a loan from your own bank or credit union, Ford is offering $750 cash back. If you forego the cash back, you can extend the zero percent financing term to six years.

The Ford Mustang starts at $24,145 and comes standard with a 300-horsepower, 3.7-liter V6 engine. Opt for the turbocharged 2.3-liter four-cylinder and you’re boosted to 310 horsepower with impressive EPA-estimated mileage of 32 mpg on the highway. The Mustang holds the No. 3 slot in our rankings of sports cars.

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