23 Best Hatchbacks of 2019: Photos and Details

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U.S. News Ranks Every Hatchback on Sale Today

Hatchbacks can blend some of the best attributes of a small SUV with the added value and fuel savings of an economy car. Whether you’re considering a subcompact or compact vehicle, it’s worth putting at least a couple hatchbacks on your automotive shopping list. 

That’s because the best hatchbacks deliver plenty of cargo space without relegating you to a life spent at the fuel pump, or making you pay thousands more for the image afforded by a sport utility vehicle. In fact, the best hatches in our rankings include a high degree of driving fun, plenty of safety features, and handy tech touches like an onboard Wi-Fi hot spot and compatibility with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

Hatchbacks often don’t sell particularly well, so it could be easy to get a great deal on one. In fact, poor sales have resulted in several of the models below being discontinued after this year, which we’ve noted on the slides.

In ascending order, we’ve gathered 23 hatchbacks to find the best of the breed. Read on to see what they are.

(Keep in mind that U.S. News scores are updated constantly as new data comes in, so the scores mentioned in this article may not match those in our rankings and reviews.)

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