2017's Best Full-Size SUVs

2017 Nissan Armada
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These Are the Top Full-Size SUVs of 2017

While many SUV buyers have migrated to midsize or smaller crossover vehicles in recent years, the market for full-size SUVs remains robust. Last year, sales of the six affordable full-size SUVs in this slideshow rose nearly 22 percent. People bought them because they offer cavernous interiors with plenty of room for passengers and cargo. Their size and weight also make many drivers feel more comfortable on crowded highways, though their size can be a detriment in tight parking lots.

Trailer towing is also one of these vehicles’ many talents. When properly equipped, their tow ratings range from 7,400 to 9,200 pounds. This means owners can tow a wide variety of utility trailers, boats, and campers. Available four-wheel drive also makes these vehicles surprisingly capable when traveling on snowy or muddy roads.

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