The Best Cars to Buy Right Now

2017 Nissan Murano
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Low Demand, Great Deals, High Quality: A Perfect Storm for Car Buyers

In car buying, timing can be everything. Demand and pricing vary month to month, and so do the special finance and lease incentives offered by automakers. The best cars and SUVs on the market are, predictably, often in high demand, which means good deals are hard to find. Even the best cars go through a sales slump now and then, however, and that’s when savvy shoppers pounce.

Using industry sales data, we’ve identified top-quality cars and SUVs that haven’t been selling well recently. Slow demand means you’ll have a good chance of negotiating a price below sticker at the dealership. Weak sales also spur manufacturers to offer buyer-friendly financing and lease deals, which can lure bargain shoppers to the showroom.

Just because these cars and SUVs are in a sales slump doesn’t mean they fall short in terms of quality. In fact, they all have very good scores in our rankings, and a few have even earned awards this year. So if you’re looking for strong value in a great new car this May, this list is the perfect place to start your search.