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Take Advantage of Slow Demand on These Great Vehicles

Just because a vehicle drives well, has a spacious and attractive interior, and receives critical acclaim doesn’t mean it’s always in high demand. Updates to competitors, as well as factors like brand perception and marketing, can have just as much of an effect on sales as the quality of the vehicle.

The cars and SUVs in this slide show have numerous admirable qualities and rank competitively in their respective classes. Some have even won awards this year. However, they’re not selling well right now. That’s good news for budget-conscious buyers, because with lower demand comes the opportunity to score a price below sticker.  

To help you out, we’ve done the research. Using industry sales data from Kelley Blue Book and Automotive News, we’ve come up with a list of cars and SUVs that have favorable buying conditions right now. These vehicles aren’t econo-boxes with tepid engines and drab plastic cabins. They’re top performers with lots of modern technology and accommodating seating. They just happen to be struggling through a period of slow sales, which means it’s an opportune time for you to head to the dealership and negotiate a great deal. Don’t just go to any dealership though. Use the U.S. News Best Price Program to find the dealers in your area who are offering the lowest prices.

Click through the following slides to see these high-quality, slow-selling cars and SUVs.

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