The 30 Most Underappreciated Cars of 2019

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Slow Sales Means Great Deals for Buyers

Every automaker wants to see their products succeed in the marketplace. That doesn’t always happen, though, and it creates great opportunities for buyers and lessees to find great deals. Our research shows that even the slowest-selling models can still be great cars. 

In some segments, fierce competition among heavyweight brands pushes lower-volume models out of the public eye. Just because one car is not as popular as another doesn't mean it won't be an excellent match for your needs and budget. 

Dealers tend to be more willing to negotiate on slow-selling models. Automakers frequently offer special financing, cash back, and lease incentives that can save you thousands of dollars on slower-selling cars. 

To find the most underappreciated vehicles in the marketplace, we've looked at the average number of sales of cars in each segment so far this year. We've identified models with a U.S. News overall score of 7.7 or higher and with sales significantly below the average number of sales. A few of the models we’ve identified have low sales due to limited production, niche designs, or recent arrival in the marketplace. 

Note that our U.S. News overall scores can change as we receive new information about vehicles. The ratings you see on the following pages may not be the same as you find in our individual model reviews.

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