2010 Tesla Roadster Interior

$109,000 - $128,500

2010 Tesla Roadster Interior Review

Note: This interior review was created when the 2010 Tesla Roadster was new.


This model has never been fully tested for interior. As a result, it doesn't have an overall score and cannot be ranked against other .

The Tesla Roadster prioritizes its "green" qualities above all else. Nowhere is this more evident than inside its bare cabin. According to critics, its interior accommodations are marred by uncomfortable seats and a short list of convenience features.


Reviewers criticize the Tesla Roadster's two-passenger cabin for being difficult to enter and exit. Plus, many assert that its seats aren't very comfortable.

  • "Climbing in the Roadster was much easier than squeezing in the Elise. Tesla had the Roadster's doorsills lowered, and it makes a huge difference. Room inside is still tight, and even a modestly tall adult can easily reach the passenger door without a stretch. If you've got someone riding shotgun, you'll rub shoulders and elbows." -- Automobile Magazine
  • "As in an Elise, the Tesla's seats seem to consist of little more than black paint on the fire wall. Now that waterboarding is banned, may we suggest simply locking terrorists inside a Tesla." -- Car and Driver
  • "Anyone 5'9" or under will feel right at home in the cockpit. That is, unless you want to get in or out, which requires at least a bronze medal in gymnastics to do gracefully. Anyone 6'2" or taller will immediately wish for more legroom and notice that the sightlines through the windshield top could be improved." -- Autoblog
  • "There are some tricks that a driver needs to get used to. For one, climbing into the Tesla requires careful balance to step over the frame into the driver's seat. My first attempt ended with me falling into the car." -- Detroit News
  • "The seats are supportive but confining and the footwells are extraordinarily narrow, though at least there's no clutch to worry about. As with the Elise, taller drivers could find the circus act required to get into the tiny, cramped Roadster -- particularly with the removable roof in place -- to be more trouble than gas-free travel is worth." -- Edmunds
  • "The seats feel like they are carved out of whalebone." -- Los Angeles Times

Interior Features

Auto writers don't find the Roadster's interior accommodations to be luxurious by any measure. However, most assert that it's still a step-up from the barren Lotus Elise, on which it's based.

  • "The Tesla interior is rather bare and ungracious. The JVC stereo/navigation system, for instance, is something out of Pep Boys." -- Los Angeles Times
  • "In the cockpit, the roadster was more austere than I had imagined. The aftermarket stereo -- selected because it fits perfectly in the dash -- provides Bluetooth connectivity and a navigation system." -- Detroit News
  • "Soft leather and full carpeting make for a more luxurious interior compared to the Spartan and purposeful Elise." -- Automobile Magazine
  • "A premium package is available which sees most padded interior surfaces, including the dash, covered in leather. Naked structural aluminum is used for the center console and lower dash shelf, and also the switchgear. It feels good to the touch." -- Motor Trend


The Tesla Roadster is not designed to carry a lot of cargo. Not surprisingly, reviewers report nothing about the Roadster's hauling capacity.

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