2017 Tesla Model X Review

The 2017 Tesla Model X finishes in the middle of our hybrid and electric SUV rankings. It boasts an impressive all-electric range, a spacious interior, and an abundance of cutting-edge technology. That said, it's also pricey and not as opulent as some rivals.

Pros & Cons

  • Exceptional all-electric driving range
  • Cutting-edge autonomous driving tech
  • Extremely quick acceleration
  • Responsive, large touch screen
  • Plain interior compared to rivals
  • Complex infotainment menus
  • More expensive than most rivals




Critics' Rating: 9.4
Performance: 9.2
Interior: 7.4
Total Cost of Ownership: 6.6
This model has never been fully tested for safety. Its overall score is being calculated without safety.
This model has never been fully tested for reliability. Its overall score is being calculated without reliability.

2017 Tesla Model X Overview

Is the 2017 Tesla Model X a Good Used SUV?

Yes, the 2017 Tesla Model X is a good used electric SUV. It’s agile and fun to drive, with a longer all-electric range than most other EVs – and that's all EVs, not just SUVs. The interior is striking, though some competitors are more upscale, and the Model X earns outstanding crash test ratings. As of this writing, there is no information regarding the Model X’s reliability rating or expected ownership costs. These areas require a leap of faith from consumers. 

Why You Can Trust Us

Our Tesla Model X review includes far more than just one person's opinion. We collected professional evaluations from more than 18 sources and combined them with concrete data like fuel economy estimates, safety features, and performance specs to help you make an informed buying decision.

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How Much Is the 2017 Tesla Model X?

The Model X is one of the most expensive vehicles in its class. You can expect to pay north of $86,000 on average (or even as high as $140,000), based on the listings for the 2017 Model X on our used car site. The listing price of each used SUV is based on factors such as mileage, vehicle condition, trim level, and regional demand. Note that only the original purchaser of an electric vehicle is usually eligible for any tax incentives.

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How Much Does the 2017 Tesla Model X Cost to Own?

As of this writing, no estimates on the costs of insurance, repairs, maintenance, or charging are available for the 2017 Model X.

Is It Better to Buy a Used or New Model X?

Unlike with most vehicles, you may actually save money by buying a new 2018 Model X instead of a used 2017 model. Pricing for the 2018 Model X 75D starts at $79,500 (you may be able to lower this, depending on which federal and state tax incentives are currently available). In comparison, the price of a 2017 Model X can reach over six figures, according to the listings on our used car site. On top of that, used EVs aren't eligible for tax credits. The other advantage to buying new is that you can add upgrades that spark your interest, like a 17-speaker sound system, heated seats all around, Enhanced Autopilot, and Full Self-Driving Capability.

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The average price of a 2017 Model X is so steep, you can pick the base model of any other luxury midsize SUV rival and still spend less money. If you like the Tesla’s combination of scorching acceleration, agile handling, and interior delights, take a look at the 2018 BMW X5 ($57,200), the 2018 Porsche Cayenne ($65,700), or the 2018 Audi Q7 ($49,900) as well. For something on the green side, try the plug-in Porsche Cayenne Hybrid ($79,900), or the plug-in hybrid version of the X5, the xDrive40e iPerformance ($63,750).

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How Reliable Is the 2017 Tesla Model X?

J.D. Power did not give the 2017 Tesla Model X a reliability rating.

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2017 Tesla Model X Recalls

As of this writing, two recalls have been issued for the 2017 Model X. One applies to a potentially faulty parking brake, and the other fixes a rear seat back that may not adequately lock into place.

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Which Model Year of the Tesla Model X Is Best? 

Tesla doesn’t use regular model years like the rest of the automotive industry, and there are very few changes that differentiate one model from the next. This SUV was first launched in 2016, and among the few changes for 2017 was the addition of an optional 100-kWh battery, boosting performance and range (depending on the model). You may be able to save money by shopping for a 2016 Tesla Model X instead. 

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Which Used Tesla Model X Model Is Right for Me?

Tesla labels each of the four Model X trims by battery size and performance package: 75D, 90D, 100D, and P100D. Every model comes with all-wheel drive, and some have an optional third row to seat as many as seven people. If you want a Model X with self-driving features, look for one outfitted with Enhanced Autopilot or the more advanced Full Self-Driving Capability.

For most shoppers, the base 75D will be more than adequate with its 75-kWh battery and 238-mile range. Though this is the base model, it’s very well-equipped, with a 17-inch touch screen, navigation, a panoramic front windshield, Falcon Wing rear doors, a proximity key, and an automatic liftgate among its standard inclusions. For maximum range on a single charge, look for the Model X 100D. It can drive up to 295 miles on a single charge, thanks to its 100-kWh battery.

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How Safe Is the Model X?

The 2017 Model X earned a perfect five-star overall safety rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. It received top grades in every subcategory. No crash test scores have been released by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

Standard safety features include a rearview camera, collision avoidance, and automatic emergency braking. The optional Enhance Autopilot combines functions like lane keeping assist, adaptive cruise control, lane change assist, and park assist. Some models may also offer Full Self-Driving Capability, a cutting-edge autonomous system.  

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2017 Tesla Model X Versus the Competition

Which Is Better: 2017 Tesla Model X or 2017 Audi Q7?

Both the Tesla Model X and the Audi Q7 are excellent SUVs, and you can’t go wrong with either one. Nevertheless, there are a few reasons you may want to pick the Q7. Like the Tesla, the Audi delivers dynamic performance, with powerful engines and nimble handling. Because Audi sources gas-only powertrains for the Q7, there’s no range anxiety or charging worries. Many also say that the interior of the Q7 is more luxurious and better built than the inside of a Model X. The Q7 also costs half the price of a Model X, based on average used car prices listed on our site.

Which Is Better: 2017 Tesla Model X or 2017 BMW X5?

The BMW X5 artfully strikes a balance between athleticism and opulence, and it is a worthy alternative to the Model X. Its array of powertrains is notable, with entries that include a base 300-horsepower gas-only engine, a brawny diesel engine, an efficient plug-in hybrid model, and an imposing 567-horsepower V8. Like the Q7, you can pick up a 2017 X5 for half the cost of the Tesla – even the BMW’s range-topping trims cost less than the least expensive Model X. Between these two, you can comfortably pick the SUV with the powertrain and purchase price that works best for you.

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2017 Model X Performance

How Does the 2017 Tesla Model X Drive?

Grin-inducing is a good way to describe how the Tesla Model X drives. You can sprint to 60 mph in less than 5 seconds with any model. Engage Ludicrous Mode in the Model X P100D, and you’ll get there in less than 3 seconds.

The placement of the lithium-ion battery packs in the floor of vehicle gives the Model X a low center of gravity. This makes it feel more stable when cornering.

2017 Tesla Model X Charging and Mileage

The expected range of a Model X depends on its battery size. You can drive about 238 miles with the base Model X 75D, 257 miles with the 90D, 289 miles with the P100D, and 295 miles with the 100D. To compare its efficiency with rivals, the EPA offers a mpg-equivalent (mpg-e) rating. The 75D is rated at 91 mpg-e in the city and 95 mpg-e on the highway. Charging this battery takes 12 hours at 240 volts with a standard charger, and 4.75 hours at 240 volts with an 80-amp dual charger. Tesla’s Supercharger stations can recharge up to 80 percent of this battery in about 30 minutes.

2017 Tesla Model X Towing Capacity

The 2017 Model X can tow up to 5,000 pounds.

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2017 Model X Interior

How Many People Does the 2017 Model X Seat?

In its standard configuration, the Model X seats five people. Models with six or seven seats are available. The front seats are comfortable, and the standard panoramic windshield makes the cockpit feel exceptionally airy. Legroom is slightly above average for the class in the second row and the optional third row. On the downside, the cabin isn't all that lavish; it seems stark in comparison to other vehicles in this price bracket.

How Many Car Seats Fit in the 2017 Tesla Model X?

Depending on the seating configuration, the Model X can come with as many as four full sets of LATCH car-seat connectors.

2017 Tesla Model X Features

The standard infotainment system in the Model X is comprised of a 17-inch touch screen, Bluetooth, a nine-speaker sound system, a rearview camera, and navigation with real-time traffic alerts. The majority of the entertainment, climate, and vehicle adjustments are made using the touch screen, which has crisp graphics and a responsive display. On the downside, the lack of redundant controls means the driver must take his or her eyes off the road to interact with the system.

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2017 Tesla Model X Dimensions

Tesla Model X Cargo Space

Between the storage area behind the second-row seats and the compartment where the engine would normally go, the Model X has 88.1 cubic feet of cargo room. This class-leading space doesn’t require any seats to be folded, either. In fact, folding the second row isn't even a possibility – though the third row does fold down.

Tesla Model X Length and Weight

The Model X is 16.5 feet long and has a curb weight that tops out at 5,531 pounds.

Where Was the 2017 Tesla Model X Built?

Tesla built the 2017 Model X in California, alongside the Tesla Model S.

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