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2016 Tesla Model X Interior Review

Note: This interior review was created when the 2016 Tesla Model X was new.


Interior: 8.4

Interior Summary:

The interior design of the all-new 2016 Tesla Model X blends luxury, style, and tech into one seamless package. You'll notice the flashy bits first – the Falcon Wing doors, the 17-inch touch screen, the enormous windshield – but a closer inspection reveals that this vehicle has plenty of substance. There's decent cargo space, useful features, and room for seven adults with the optional third-row seat. If you're excited about the Model X’s exterior, the interior will only make you more so.

  • "Since the X is an SUV, it's about more than the driving experience. There's a U in there, and the X does offer a lot of utility. You can order it with up to seven seats (ours had six, with the middle two on special Tesla-designed posts)." -- Autoblog
  • "The Model X is well laid out, with driver-oriented instruments and controls - most of them available on the 17-inch touchscreen mounted in the center stack." -- Edmunds


The 2016 Tesla Model X comes standard with two rows of seats and a five-person seating capacity. Other standard seating features include microfiber and synthetic leather upholstery, power-adjustable heated front seats with position memory, and a power tilt-and-telescoping steering wheel.

A six- or seven-person seating capacity is available when you order the optional third row. Other optional seating features include leather upholstery, second- and third-row seat heaters, and a heated steering wheel.

The Model X has the biggest panoramic windshield currently in production, according to Tesla. Extending farther back than most windshields, it's kind of like having a sunroof and a windshield blended into one piece of glass. Tesla tinted the top portion of the glass so it doesn't let in too much sunlight, and there are extendable sunshades that can lock into place.

The Model X's Falcon Wing doors are designed to make it easier to get into and out of the vehicle, particularly with children. The doors work well on that front, though a minivan-style sliding door would be more effective. The doors open automatically as you approach, but they can sense what's around them, so they won't smash into the car next to you.

Every seat in the Model X is comfortable. The three second-row seats can slide and recline independently. The mechanical components of the Falcon Wing doors take up headroom in the second row. Though there’s decent clearance in the outboard seats, the person in the middle will have to be under 6 feet to be comfortable. The optional third row has enough headroom for a 6-foot adult, but kneeroom is limited.

  • "Tesla used the design on the Model X to make getting in and out of the second- and third-row seats easier, especially when loading children into child seats. ... Conventional sliding doors, as on a minivan, would be even better at this, but Tesla wanted to avoid squaring off the Model X to fit sliding doors, and also wanted to avoid any comparisons to a minivan." -- Edmunds
  • "Headroom in the second row is compromised by the falcon doors - an aluminum and magnesium backbone that runs through the center of the vehicle provides the structure for the door hinges. The outer seats have glass overhead, but the center seat is tight on headroom for anyone over about 5'11". ... The third row seats two full-size adults, mostly. Headroom is surprisingly generous for a six-footer, though kneeroom is at a premium. For short trips, seven real adults could fit just fine - and the falcon door makes accessing the third door far easier than in other crossovers." -- Motor Trend
  • "To complement its sweeping panoramic windshield and trick Falcon Wing rear doors that need only a foot of clear space to open, the Model X has a spacious, easily configurable passenger compartment that can accommodate six or seven in all-new and more comfortable seats and still tote plenty of personal baggage in the aft cabin or forward underhood area." -- Kelley Blue Book

Interior Features 

Standard interior features in the 2016 Tesla Model X include navigation, automatic keyless entry, automatic pre-collision braking, blind spot monitoring, lane departure warning, parking sensors, forward and rearview cameras, dual-zone automatic climate control, four USB ports, a nine-speaker stereo system, HD Radio, and Bluetooth.

The Model X has almost no conventional buttons or knobs. Most of its features are controlled by a 17-inch touch screen that comes standard. Many companies have tried virtual controls and been criticized by reviewers for favoring form over function, but auto writers say the virtual dashboard works well in the Model X. The screen is intuitive and viewable from many angles.

There are several notable optional features in the Model X.

Autopilot allows you to drive semi-autonomously on the highway. Autopilot can steer around curves, maintain a set following distance from the vehicle in front of you, and automatically change lanes when you tap the turn signal. The Autopilot system can also automatically park and unpark the vehicle.

The Model X comes standard with remote-controlled power-opening Falcon Wing rear doors, and you can also get remote-controlled power front doors as an option.

A HEPA outdoor air filtration system is available with an advanced filtration mode, which creates a positive-pressure environment in the vehicle to keep out harmful air pollutants.

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  • "The futuristic feel is cemented by the X's giant touchscreen. Just like in the S, the screen is visible and usable at all sorts of viewing angles, works without too much difficulty, and allows for way more options than a million buttons would give you. And I'm a guy who usually loves physical buttons in cars. I guess it just took someone to do touchscreens right." -- Autoblog


According to Tesla, the Model X has 77 cubic feet of total interior storage space, which is midpack for a 3-row luxury midsize SUV. The Volvo XC90 has 85.7, and the Acura MDX has 90.9. The Model X does best the cargo capacities of most plug-in hybrid SUVs, as well as those of a few key competitors, such as the Audi Q7 (71.6).

The Model X has a unique middle seating arrangement. Each of the three seats is mounted on pedestals, which means you can adjust each seat independently. However, they can't fold flat, which reduces cargo flexibility. The optional third-row seats fold flat. There is also a storage area under the cargo floor that you can use to hide your valuables when you park. A "front trunk" offers more storage. An automatic power liftgate is standard.

  • "The pedestals supporting the middle seats motor back and forth to make rear-seat entry easy, and they allow a lot of stuff to be stored underneath. However, they don't actually fold flat, as does the rearmost row." -- Car and Driver
  • "Tesla designed the second-row seats to be independently adjustable, and each sits on a single pedestal, enabling the seats to tilt forward as well as slide fore and aft. This makes it easy to get in and out, and the thin pedestals leave loads of room under the seats for purses, laptops, small packages and the feet of passengers in the third row. Because of their design, they don't fold flat as in most SUVs." -- Edmunds
  • "A sizable storage well beneath the rear floor adds further cargo capacity, as does the small storage space beneath the front hood." -- Automobile Magazine

Reliability Summary:

The 2016 Tesla Model X is covered by a four-year/50,000-mile basic warranty and an eight-year/infinite-mile battery and drive unit warranty.

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