Tesla Model 3 vs. Chevy Bolt: What's the Better Electric Car to Buy?

Tesla Model 3 or Chevy Bolt
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Tesla Model 3 or Chevy Bolt?

If you want a long-range electric vehicle, and don't want to wait an unspecified amount of time, you may want to buy a Chevy Bolt later this year. However, if you can wait a year longer (or more), consider holding off until more details on the Model 3 are released.

The Model 3 will be potentially a little less expensive, come with free charging at Supercharger stations for when you are traveling, and include more standard safety features. You can find out more about the Tesla Model 3 here, or read our reviews on the currently available Tesla Model S, the Chevrolet Volt, and other hybrid and electric cars. And follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more car comparisons, car shopping tips, and to see the best car deals each month.

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