SUVs vs. Minivans in 2019

Subaru Ascent, Honda Odyssey
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Minivan vs. SUV: Battle of the Family Haulers

Family-friendly people movers come in two basic varieties: minivans or SUVs. There are pros and cons to each in terms of price, style, features, and capability, and you’ll need to consider each carefully before you make the best decision for every member of the family.

Minivans, 3-row crossovers, and 3-row SUVs have taken the place of the station wagons that filled our family garages. They're designed to excel in daily transport duties and for epic family adventures while protecting everyone with the latest safety technology. If they get great gas mileage, it's like icing on the cake.

Before we start, though, we need to talk about many people’s perception of the minivan. Many consider them to be a sign of surrender to the responsibilities of adulthood and the abandonment of any hope to be seen as cool. Yeah, there’s that, but you have to get over your preconceptions to see that minivans can do some tasks far better than SUVs.

Keep in mind that our rankings and scores change as we receive and analyze new data. So be sure to check out each vehicle’s review for the most up-to-date information available.

We’ll break down the arguments for each on the following pages, considering the latest minivans and 3-row SUVs with room for seven or eight people.

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