8 SUVs That Need an Update

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8 SUVs That Have Gone the Longest Without an Update

SUVs have come a long way in the last 10 years. Most are now based on stiffer, lighter car platforms that give them better handling. They also get better gas mileage and offer all-wheel drive systems that the driver doesn’t have to set. They work well in bad weather, not just off-road.

These full-time all-wheel-drive car-based SUVs are part of a new and expanding vehicle segment called “crossovers.” For many modern families, they have replaced wagons, full-size SUVs, and minivans. Think of them as the family station wagon of the 21st century.

Yet there are some SUVs that haven’t kept up with modern times, remaining stuck with the old rugged formula. Others have begun to switch over, but still haven’t achieved the fuel economy and handling gains of the best crossovers, or they haven’t incorporated the modern technology that today’s families have come to expect. Here are eight SUVs badly in need of modern updates.  

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