14 Most Fuel-Efficient SUVs in 2020

2020 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid
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Practical, Passenger-Friendly SUVs That Don’t Guzzle Gas

America is having a full-tilt love affair with sport-utility vehicles these days, and it’s easy to see why. Given their taller stance and upright rooflines, SUVs are generally easier to enter and exit than sedans, and because they sit higher off the ground they afford a see-over-traffic view of the road. Their basic “two box” designs afford more interior room than a same-size passenger car. Their generous cargo capacities make them ideal for growing families or anyone else who makes regular trips to the warehouse store or antique mall. 

Particularly popular are car-based crossover models that deliver more-easygoing road manners than the larger and more rugged truck-derived SUVs. Most offer all-wheel drive as an optional alternative to front-wheel drive for added traction over wet or snowy roads. What’s more, crossover SUVs deliver superior fuel economy over their truck-based counterparts, especially in gas/electric hybrid-powered models that are exceptionally frugal.

Here we’re counting down the 14 most fuel efficient SUVs – all are crossovers – for the 2020 model year in both gas-only and hybrid configurations. They’re ranked in ascending order according to the EPA’s annual fuel cost calculations, which assume 15,000 annual miles in combined city/highway driving is the national average (as of this writing) fuel costs. We’re providing the EPA’s city/highway fuel economy estimates, along with other pertinent information that includes pricing and U.S. News overall scores for comparison.

But take note that there are more energy efficient SUVs out there, namely full electric and plug-in hybrid models that we’re not considering here. You can, however, find out all about them in our SUV rankings. Also, take note that U.S. News scores are updated constantly as new data comes in, so the scores mentioned in this article may not match those in our rankings and reviews.

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