22 Most Fuel-Efficient SUVs in 2018

2018 Kia Niro
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Affordable SUVs With Low Annual Fuel Costs

SUVs and crossovers offer buyers great space for passengers and cargo, a high seating position, an expansive view of the road, and the option of all-wheel drive. However, one of the factors that keeps buyers from SUVs is the thought of frequent trips to the gas station.

Great news, though: You don’t have to give up fuel economy to get an affordable SUV. Better yet, you don’t have to buy a tiny vehicle or one stripped of features to find one that’s fuel-efficient.

On the following pages, you'll see the array of crossovers offered by non-luxury automakers with low annual fuel cost estimates, as reported by the EPA. The EPA’s calculation takes into account the type of fuel used, including any requirement for premium gasoline.

Most of the vehicles listed use traditional gasoline engines, but some of the top performers are powered by diesel engines or hybrid powertrains.

This article covers SUVs from non-luxury brands. If you’re looking for the most fuel-efficient luxury SUVs, click here.

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