SUVs With the Best Gas Mileage in 2017

Toyota Highlander Hybrid
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Big SUVs With Small Appetites

Americans have flocked to SUVs in recent years. They like the room, flexibility, availability of all-wheel drive, and higher seating position. They also like the way SUVs look. Unfortunately, some owners have found they don’t like their gas mileage, especially when fuel prices spike.

Fortunately, there are SUVs that manage to be roomy and versatile without guzzling lots of fuel. Some are smaller, others are midsize, and a few are full-fledged luxury vehicles. As a result, there should be a fuel-efficient model for nearly every buyer.

For the following list, only models that can deliver at least 30 mpg in the EPA highway test or a city-highway combined rating of 25 mpg in EPA testing are shown. And, as evidence of just how far the auto industry has come when it comes to offering fuel efficient SUVs, there is not enough room in the following slideshow to cover all the models that qualify on fuel economy alone. So, what follows are the fuel-efficient SUVs that also earned high scores, at least 8.1 out of 10, in the U.S. News evaluations of subcompact, compact and midsize SUVs.

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