States With the Safest Driving Laws

Buckling Up
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Don't Get Pulled Over in These States 

Have you ever received a traffic ticket for an offense you didn’t know was illegal, or a speeding ticket so expensive that your jaw dropped? If so, were you in another state when that happened? It’s up to individuals to become familiar with the local laws wherever they visit, not only to save money on fines, but also to stay safe. The Advocates for Highway & Auto Safety (AHAS), an organization that keeps track of driving laws in every state in an effort to push lenient and “unsafe” states into adopting stricter life-saving laws, publishes an annual list of such changes across the country.

The organization says, in their 2016 Roadmap publication, that 10 states, plus Washington, D.C., earn a Green rating for having the safest road regulations. Specifically, the organization says a Green rating means the “State is significantly advanced toward adoption of all Advocates’ recommended highway safety laws.” Another way to look at it is that these states have some of the strictest driving-related laws in the country, especially tough on offenses such as texting while driving and DUIs. Be sure to respect local laws, especially when visiting any of the following states.

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