9 Signs a CPO Car Is Right for You

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Here Are 9 Reasons to Consider a Certified Pre-Owned Car

Think there are only two choices when buying a car: New or Used? There’s a third option, and it blends the best of both worlds to get you a car that’s nearly new, covered by a warranty, without the high price of buying a new vehicle.

Certified pre-owned (CPO) cars are low-mileage, late-model used cars sold by franchised new car dealers for prices well below the price of similar new vehicles.

You can only get true CPO cars from dealers representing the car’s original manufacturer. For example, certified pre-owned Toyota models are only available at Toyota dealers. Considering a CPO car can help you stretch your budget to buy a better car than you would have otherwise been able to afford.

Explore the following pages to see nine signs that a certified used car may be right for you.

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