Sedan vs. SUV: What Fits Your Needs?

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Which Works For You: a Sedan or an SUV?

Do you want a sedan or an SUV? It seems like a clear choice, but if you dig into the plusses and minuses of each, the decision becomes more difficult. You not only need to look at what you want today, but think about your future needs and budget.

SUV sales have taken off while sedan sales have slumped over the last several years due to sustained low fuel prices. Sedans typically get better mileage than SUVs, so the total cost of ownership of an SUV is typically higher and could rise dramatically if gas prices were to spike. Few SUVs can match the ride comfort of a sedan, and it’s rare that an SUV will be described as sporty. You can secure valuables more easily in the trunk of a sedan than in the open cargo area of an SUV.

On the flip side, SUVs offer roomier interiors and cargo areas, better visibility due to higher driving positions, plus generally better inclement weather and off-highway performance.

That said, the lines are starting to blur. SUVs are generally becoming more car-like, gaining safety features and technologies once found only on cars. Ride comfort is improving, as many SUVs share the same platforms as similar-sized cars. More sedans are being offered with all-wheel drive or sophisticated traction control systems that give them more confidence in marginal weather.

Check out the following slides, where we compare how similarly sized sedans and SUVs from the same manufacturer compare to one another. When you’re ready to buy, be sure to employ our Best Price Program, where you can save thousands off the MSRP of your new sedan or SUV.

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