Most Reliable Used Luxury SUVs Under $10,000

2009 Lexus RX 350
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Buying on a Budget Doesn’t Mean a Budget Car

It is possible to find a great used luxury SUV for less than five figures, but it’s likely going to be an older model. When shopping for a vehicle that’s already been on the road for several years you’ll want to pay special attention to its reliability. Every used SUV is an individual with its own quirks, but independent agencies like J.D. Power provide scores to help consumers compare likely reliability between vehicles. We base our reliability scores on those expert evaluations.

The luxury SUVs in this slideshow all received above-average marks for reliability, and their average prices across the country are under $10,000. Many of the vehicles in this class came with features that were at the cutting edge when they were new, like Bluetooth connectivity. Options often included a rearview camera and advanced safety technologies, so if you can find a model that had these features added when it was new, you’ll be able keep pace with most modern SUVs.

Several of these SUV have won multiple awards from U.S. News and rank highly in their class. Of course, as new information becomes available, especially reliability info, we update our scores and rankings. The scores in this slideshow therefore might not match those in our reviews.

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