All-New 2018 Honda Accord: Worth Waiting For?

2018 Honda Accord
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10th Generation Accord Arrives Later This Year

It’s hard to believe that the Honda Accord has been around for 41 years, with more than 13 million of the midsize sedans sold since its 1976 introduction. Honda recently announced the 10th generation of the Accord, and it’s new in almost every way.

In a segment in which manufacturers scratch and claw for every sale, the Accord has been a perennial favorite with consumers, with its reputation for reliability and driving dynamics that are just a bit sportier than some in the segment.

The 2017 Honda Accord holds a spot near the middle of our rankings of midsize cars, though with the tight competition in the segment, it's only a few tenths of a point behind the class leader.

Should you wait for the new Accord to arrive? We’ll break down what’s new on the following slides.